Uganda warns of Strong Winds on Africa’s Largest Freshwater Lake

Rescue and recovery missions search for the bodies of dead passengers after a cruise boat capsized in Lake Victoria off Mukono district, Uganda November 25, 2018. REUTERS/Newton Nambwaya

Uganda’s meteorological department on Saturday warned of strong winds and large waves on Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest freshwater lake.

Uganda National Meteorological Authority said in a statement that sailors and islanders are likely to be affected by the change in weather patterns.

“Starting July 24-25 the lake is going to experience strong winds of 25 kts and very large waves of more than two meters which are likely to have reduced by Monday,” said the statement.

“People living on islands, fishermen and the entire maritime industry should be on high alert. Strong winds may blow off the roofs, uproot trees and cause structural damage,” it added.

Lake Victoria is shared by Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. In May 2020, Lake Victoria recorded its highest ever water level, 13.42 meters, according to government figures.


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