Young Climate Champions inspire Action through African Stories

Young Climate Champions inspire Action through African Stories

By Kofi Adu Domfeh

An air of eager inspiration filled the room as three young climate champions took the stage to share their journeys at a recent Ghanaian gathering.

Hosted by media platform B. Inspired with Stories from Africa (B.ISA), the side event at the high-profile Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) harnessed the power of personal narrative to drive climate action.

Attended by over 50 youth leaders, community advocates, government stakeholders and journalists from across Ghana, the session aligned with LCOY’s objectives to spur climate dialogue, multiply solutions and strengthen nationwide youth networks.

Maxwell Beganim transported the rapt audience through his advocacy Genesis – from recognizing youth’s potential to affect change to founding the Pan-African Green Leaders Academy. This pioneering initiative provides comprehensive training on environmental literacy, leadership, social innovation and civic engagement to equip youth to tackle pressing ecological challenges.

Thought leader Otuo-Akyampong Boakye then took the microphone, chronicling his climate journey from witnessing his community’s alarming deforestation firsthand at a young age to mobilising reforestation efforts and pioneering solar-powered irrigation technology to enable sustainable farming.

Kofi Adu Domfeh shared how a chance encounter reporting on climate change’s impact on Ghanaian groundnut farmers sparked his advocacy as an award-winning environmental journalist. He now raises awareness and planting trees with local youth.

Through emotionally compelling story arcs revealing their passion, creativity and perseverance, the speakers spotlighted how ordinary citizens can drive extraordinary change. Their tales of local solutions and homegrown innovation resonated deeply with participants.

“This event opened my eyes to grassroots sustainable development happening all around us that we rarely hear about,” shared one youth climate leader. “I’m inspired to explore what’s possible in my own community.”

Other attendees emphasised how the event renewed their motivation. “The speakers’ passion was contagious. Their stories made climate issues feel relevant and solvable,” noted a local non-profit founder.

By uplifting voices often unheard in dominant climate narratives, the event emphasised inclusive storytelling’s power to build momentum across Ghana’s diverse populations. “To drive change, we need stories that connect our heads and hearts,” said B.ISA’s Frank Koomson.

If the vibrant discussion during the moderated dialogue were any indication, these climate leaders succeeded in inspiring the next generation. The pens are now in their hands to author new narratives of hope, solidarity and possibility.


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