Business as usual not tenable in the face of climate change

Towards a greener, sustainable future (PHOTO: ClimateReporters/Atâyi Babs)
Towards a greener, sustainable future (PHOTO: ClimateReporters/Atâyi Babs)

Business leaders across sectors the world over are taking practical steps to tackle climate change through sustainability.

From high-tech firms that develop new clean energy technologies to businesses who integrate sustainability into their company culture, businesses are redefining “business as usual” through climate action.

People, Planet and Profit are the three core areas on which sustainable businesses, or green businesses, focus.

Balancing all three is important to meeting the needs of current generations without compromising future ones.

The changing climate could exacerbate the challenge of energy generation and food security in developing economies like Ghana. But there are also opportunities.

In the following report, Kofi Adu Domfeh explores the place of Ghanaian businesses and industry in the global climate space.


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